The Finest Stage Blood in the World

The Finest Stage Blood in the World

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Does it really wash out? Watch this!

Love from our Customers

Blood Jam is the best all-around product I have ever used. You can mix it to get a consistency you need, it comes off of and out of everything – from leather to the stage floor, without staining. I decided to see how long you could leave it on clothes and have it still wash out. After two weeks, I threw the stained paints in the washer without pre-treating them, and the blood washed out completely. You can add flavored extract for your actors, and it does not affect the color or the consistency. Even better, it dries with a brownish tinge like real blood, and it is very reasonably priced. The last production I used it in, the actors, the costumer and the stage manager all agreed it was the best blood they had ever used. Washable and non-toxic means you only have to have one type of blood. Truly a must have.

This is a GREAT product!!! We used the Blood Jam in our recent production of Dracula where, of course, the blood was mainly all over white costumes. It has come out of everything with ease and, for once as a costume designer, I don’t cringe when the director says “More Blood!” Love this product! Bring on Romeo and Juliet in the spring!

A truly believable looking blood that comes out of clothes, drapes, and even textured wallpaper and carpet! A must have if you’re working in a venue that doesn’t belong to you! I threw pants, shirts and curtains in the washer, came back a minute later to throw in soap, and stains were already gone.

I am the Touring Stage Manager for a professional theatre company in Norfolk, Virginia. We can use it anywhere without fear of leaving horrible stains. The costume clean up is simple and easy, and yes, it all comes out! Any theatre would be lucky to use this product!

Just got my blood tackle box back from a company I loaned it to this summer for some summer Shakespeare. They’d used Blood Jam and left it uncleaned after their last run in August. We’re talking sponges, syringe, mixing jar, even the clasps of the tackle were caked. It was green when I picked it up. Two minutes in soapy hot water and a little scrubbing and it’s as good as new. This stuff is awesome! I us it on every show I that I design violence for.

Can your stage blood do that?

In addition to being incredibly realistic, Gravity & Momentum stage blood is so safe you can get it on your skin, around your eyes, and even in your mouth. It also washes off of skin, out of clothes and off of sets, often with just warm water. Can your stage blood do that?

Gravity & Momentum Stage Blood is Perfect for:

Theatre productions, television productions, movies, haunted houses, halloween costumes, live action role playing (LARP), cosplay, zombie crawls, medical simulations / training (moulage), law enforcement simulations / training, military simulations / training, and more!