Can I Drink Gravity & Momentum Blood Products?

Dear Greg, Can I drink your blood products? Thanks, Ian, Hi Ian, Our blood products are made from food-grade ingredients and are completely safe to have on the skin / in the mouth. They do have high concentrations of corn syrup and sodium, however, so while swallowing a bit here and there during a mouth […]

Making Blood Capsules for use in the Mouth

Dear Greg, Can Blood Jam be used in capsules for the mouth, or would the syrup better for that? Are both easy to wash out? I’m thinking of the blood jam for packs and capsules, unless you suggest something different. Would love your advice… new territory for me. Best, Steve Hi Steve, Blood Jam can be […]

Super-De-Duper Secret Blood Cleanup Instructions

Based on some stories we’ve recently heard about certain people (who will not be identified here so as not to embarrass anyone) trying to clean up after using our products, I feel it necessary (sigh) to write a short article on the topic of cleanup. Without further ado, here are some super secret pointers for […]

Blood Spill at Bottom of Stairs

Stage Blood Murder Mystery!

Imagine getting to the top of your apartment building stairs and seeing this: Uh-oh. Did I just move into a super-shady neighborhood? The blood trail goes all the way down the stairs to the bottom: What the **** is going on here?!?!?!? Hold on a second while I search Google for “moving companies.” I should […]