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Vision, Contrast, and Blood Color

One of the major components of vision perception is contrast. Contrast in the visual scene creates the base framework from which the brain builds and layers the image. This means that the higher an object’s contrast to its environment, the easier it will be able to be seen. Many assume that the color red will […]

The Color Of Blood

Hemoglobin gives blood its color when it reacts with different molecules. Oxygen reacts with the hemoglobin to produce a bright red color. This redness is found in the arteries and capillaries. In the veins the blood is deoxygenated which turns the blood a darker red with a bluish tinge. The reason veins look blue has […]


As amazing of a processing machine as our brains are, they are not quick enough to catch everything. With the enormous number of stimuli bombarding our senses at every moment there are bound to be gaps in what we perceive. To address these gaps the brain creates its best guess to fill in the missing […]