Meisner Repetition

Here’s a fun theory about Meisner repetition based on fact. The Fact: If you repeat a piece of information at least three times it generally starts to be accepted by your brain as truth. (If you repeat a piece of information at least three times it generally starts to be accepted by your brain as […]

Review: On Killing

The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society By Lt. Col. Dave Grossman This book will not only give you great insight into how the military prepares soldiers to psychologically be ready to kill, it will get you lots of wonderful looks on the train! On Killing is a very easy and […]

The Color Of Blood

Hemoglobin gives blood its color when it reacts with different molecules. Oxygen reacts with the hemoglobin to produce a bright red color. This redness is found in the arteries and capillaries. In the veins the blood is deoxygenated which turns the blood a darker red with a bluish tinge. The reason veins look blue has […]


As amazing of a processing machine as our brains are, they are not quick enough to catch everything. With the enormous number of stimuli bombarding our senses at every moment there are bound to be gaps in what we perceive. To address these gaps the brain creates its best guess to fill in the missing […]

Programming Movement

We learn things one step at a time. No matter how much of a “multi-tasker” you think you are, the reality is that your brain is switching from one thing to another very rapidly. When you are learning a new, complex physical skill, like stage combat, your brain can only focus on one aspect of […]

Review: Sleights Of Mind

By Stephen L. Macknick and Susana Martinez-Conde with Sandra Blakeslee This book will absolutely blow your mind! If you are worried at the start about being less entertained by magic when you know how it works my experience was that it only increased my fascination and joy of the art. For stage this book provides […]

Tips on Falling

Check your area. Always check to be sure where you are falling is clear of people, furniture or objects. Stay in control the entire way down. Gravity and Momentum should only take over at the last possible moment or not at all. Don’t rush! Take as much time as you need. Very few falls in […]

Combat vs. Fighting

Everyone knows the difference on some level. We have all seen two people scuffle over something simple. Sometimes there are shoves, slaps, even punches, kicks and tackling. There is certainly a lot of noise. That situation is a fight. At the end of it people may be bruised, broken, and a little bloody but they […]