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Blood Jam is an “all-in-one” stage blood product which can be manipulated in a number of different ways. Out of the jar Blood Jam is a very thick stage blood which can be used as-is for makeup and gore effects that do not run or drip. It’s great for skin, costume, set dressing, or even for zombie crawls where you don’t want to worry about blood getting everywhere. Blood Jam can also be thinned with water, heated and/or frozen to create a variety of useful effects.

Safe and Washable:

  • Non-toxic – safe for skin and mouth.
  • Non-staining – will wash out of clothes, off of skin, out of hair, off of sets and off of props.

Does it really wash out? Watch this!

Usage Scenarios:

  • Use as-is for makeup effects such as cuts, scrapes, gashes or mortal wounds that need to stay put with no running or dripping.
  • Thin with water to create a runnier consistency. Blood Jam will retain color up to a 3:1 water-to-blood ratio.
  • Freeze and sculpt into organs that will melt and bleed in your hands as Blood Jam warms.
  • Heat to runny texture that will congeal as Blood Jam cools.

Please note: The shelf life of Blood Jam is approximately six months. However, in order to guarantee color accuracy we recommend use within 60 days of purchase.

Which product should you buy? Watch the demo video:

Dark red or bright red? Watch the demo video:

Need a Free Sample First?

Skeptical? Let us prove ourselves to you! We understand that you may have been disappointed in the past by products and recipes that could not deliver on similar claims. If you want to test out our blood products first before buying please complete this form for a free 1 oz. sample.

Please note: Free samples are only for potential theater, TV, movie, haunt and other professional evaluations. Free samples will not be provided for individual uses.

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4 reviews for Blood Jam

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I used G&M Blood Jam in a horror short film I shot and the stuff is amazing! Color is right on, and consistency can be tuned to taste with a little water and, true to claim, it washed right out of everything.

    Truly, a professional product.

  2. 5 out of 5

    As a professional violence designer with over 25 years experience, Blood Jam is in my opinion the best blood on the market and, since its inception, the only blood I use. Never had a problem with cleanup, and theaters uniformly tell me it was well worth the investment.

  3. 5 out of 5

    This stuff is amazing, realistic, it’s very easy to work with, and it doesn’t stain clothes or skin.

    Good professional blood.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Used this product for halloween and used it for a “bloody head injury” effect. The blood jam was put on my face neck and white t-shirt. Painless to clean off skin and amazed to see all of it really comes out of clothes!

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