Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Gravity & Momentum stage blood products superior to other brands and internet recipes?

Gravity & Momentum stage blood products are the only blood products on the market which are both non-toxic and non-staining. Our blood is safe enough to get in your mouth and will wash out of anything without leaving a stain.

With other products / recipes you have to choose between non-toxic or non-staining:

  • Products / recipes that claim washability are typically detergent-based and will wash out but are unsafe for the skin and mouth.
  • Products / recipes that claim safety will typically leave permanent stains on your clothes, skin and personal property.
Do the Gravity & Momentum stage blood products really wash out of clothes and off of skin?

Yes! Our blood products will often wash out with just warm water. While we (and many of our customers) have tested on most fabrics available, we recommend you try it yourself on a small patch prior to wide-scale use.

Are Gravity & Momentum stage blood products truly safe on the skin and in the mouth?

Yes! Our products are made of food-grade ingredients and are safe on the skin and in the mouth.

Note: While our products are safe to have in the mouth, they are not meant to be ingested. Some people may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients. Please see the ingredient list before applying to skin or placing in or around the mouth.

What are the differences between Blood Jam, Blood Syrup, and Blood Juice?

The difference is in their consistency:

  • Blood Jam is a very thick stage blood which can be used as is for make-up effects with very little dripping or running.
  • Blood Syrup has an oozing consistency and is perfect for slow to moderately bleeding wounds.
  • Blood Juice is so thin you can spray it from a spray bottle, but it still maintains its color, perfect for explosive or fast running blood effects.

How long will the blood products last?

From a safety standpoint, if left as originally packaged none of the ingredients are expected to “go bad.” If mixed with water, however, the product may no longer be safe to use after 12 hours due to the growth of bacteria.

We recommend use within 60 days of purchase to avoid settling of the ingredients or a change in color. The color is expected to last up to six months, but we recommend a 60 day usage window to be 100% sure that the color will be accurate.

What colors are available?

The default color is a dark red which is the most realistic. It’s good for large effects and for effects that will be visible for long periods. We also make a bright red, which will give a quicker and deeper psychological shock to the audience if used quickly, unexpectedly and/or in small amounts.

How do I create the best blood effects?

For general advice on creating blood effects please see our how to page.

I have additional questions. How can I get answers?

Please contact us if you have additional questions. We’ll be happy to answer them for you.