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Stephanie Lynn Williams

Stephanie Lynn Williams is owner and artistic director at the Drama Learning Center & Red Branch Theatre Company in Columbia, MD. Here’s what Stephanie has to say about Gravity & Momentum:

Purchasing blood from Gravity & Momentum for our production of Carrie was revolutionary to our process. We agonized for months on how we were going to execute this crucial part of the show, and when we got the sample from G&M we knew we had come to the right place. The blood is extremely effective in its appearance and texture, but what sets it apart from other products is the unbelievable ease of clean up. At the conclusion of the show, blood was EVERYWHERE, but mopped up easily with warm water. To clean Carrie’s dress, all we had to do was dunk it in a tub of warm water a few times and we would watch the blood just drip right off and never stain. Thanks to our wonderful experience with Gravity & Momentum, we have chosen a very bloody 2016 season with the confidence of knowing we have a reliable company with whom to work for effects.

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Anyone need a hug?

My dress! I ruined my dress!

My dress! I ruined my dress!

No need to get all emo about it. It'll come out!

Seriously… no need to get all emo about it. It’ll come out!