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Blood Syrup stage blood sits in the middle of our blood product line from a consistency standpoint. While Blood Jam won’t run at all and Blood Juice runs all over the place, Blood Syrup oozes and is perfect for slow to moderately bleeding wounds.

Safe and Washable:

  • Non-toxic – safe for skin and mouth.
  • Non-staining – will wash out of clothes, off of skin, out of hair, off of sets and off of props.

Does it really wash out? Watch this!

Usage Scenarios:

  • Oozes slowly on skin, costumes and sets.
  • Use with blood bags to create bursts of blood (e.g. gunshot wound).
  • Create pools of blood which will thicken naturally when left in the open.

Please note: The shelf life of Blood Syrup is approximately six months. However, in order to guarantee color accuracy we recommend use within 60 days of purchase.

Which product should you buy? Watch the demo video:

Dark red or bright red? Watch the demo video:

Need a Free Sample First?

Skeptical? Let us prove ourselves to you! We understand that you may have been disappointed in the past by products and recipes that could not deliver on similar claims. If you want to test out our blood products first before buying please complete this form for a free 1 oz. sample.

Please note: Free samples are only for potential theater, TV, movie, haunt and other professional evaluations. Free samples will not be provided for individual uses.

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1 review for Blood Syrup

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome… the first blood that I’ve found that does wash out and still looks real.

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