About Us

In 2010, founder Greg Poljacik was doing fight choreography for a theatre in Chicago. As part of the violence design for the production, the theatre asked Greg to either find or create stage blood that was both safe and washable. “No problem!” thought Greg, and he proceeded to fail miserably at both. Undaunted, Greg decided that he would indeed solve this problem of safe and washable stage blood. It took him an entire year, but solve it he did. In 2011 Gravity & Momentum was born, and we have been making the finest stage blood in the world ever since.

Try it and you’ll see why theatres, TV shows, movies, medical trainers, haunted houses, zombie crawls and more swear by Gravity & Momentum blood products: it’s safe enough to get in your mouth, and won’t destroy your costumes or your set.

Can your stage blood do that?