An Interview with Jon Beal

Jon Beal

Actor, fight choreographer and designer Jon Beal riffs on finding a career path by accident, crushing baby skulls, and “getting outside your head” to solve difficult problems. Without further ado… 10 questions with Jon Beal: How did you get into makeup / special FX? I got into makeup/special FX by accident. I was assistant fight […]

Does Fake Blood Wash Out?

Does Fake Blood Wash Out? The answer to the question “Does fake blood wash out?” depends on the fake blood you’re using. Fake blood traditionally comes in one of two types: Corn syrup based Detergent based Each has it’s own pros and cons. Let’s investigate. Please Note: The information in this article applies to homemade […]

Can I Drink Gravity & Momentum Blood Products?

Dear Greg, Can I drink your blood products? Thanks, Ian, Hi Ian, Our blood products are made from food-grade ingredients and are completely safe to have on the skin / in the mouth. They do have high concentrations of corn syrup and sodium, however, so while swallowing a bit here and there during a mouth […]

You Love Us – Now Your Website Can Love Us Too!

We certainly appreciate hearing from our customers about how much they love our blood products. We are also incredibly thankful that many of our customers take it upon themselves to spread the word about Gravity & Momentum to colleagues and friends. Today we’re giving you an incredibly simple way to tell the whole world that […]

Using Gravity & Momentum Products with Dry Clean Only Garments

Dear Greg, We’ve got some costumes that are dry clean only. Will Gravity & Momentum blood products come out during the dry cleaning process? Thanks, Rebecca Hi Rebecca, We have actually worn suits to different conventions or workshops and had to get them dry cleaned after (always curious what the cleaners think when they see […]