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Welcome to “Blood on his Hands,” the world’s only blood and gore advice column, where Greg Poljacik, our very own blood, violence and gore specialist, answers your questions about how to create various types of effects on stage and in movies. Got a question? Head over to the Contact Us page and submit it, or send it to us via email at info (at) gravityandmomentum (dot) org.

Can I Drink Gravity & Momentum Blood Products?

Dear Greg, Can I drink your blood products? Thanks, Ian, Hi Ian, Our blood products are made from food-grade ingredients and are completely safe to have on the skin / in the mouth. They do have high concentrations of corn syrup and sodium, however, so while swallowing a bit here and there during a mouth […]

Using Gravity & Momentum Products with Dry Clean Only Garments

Dear Greg, We’ve got some costumes that are dry clean only. Will Gravity & Momentum blood products come out during the dry cleaning process? Thanks, Rebecca Hi Rebecca, We have actually worn suits to different conventions or workshops and had to get them dry cleaned after (always curious what the cleaners think when they see […]