Creating A Blood Spray Effect from Off Screen

Dear Greg,

I’ve just bought your Blood Juice for a feature film I am working on. I wanted to ask if you had any advice as far as creating a blood spray effect. The idea is that blood would spray onto an actor’s face from something happening off screen. Let me know what you think!


Hi Jeff,

You have a bunch of options for a spray effect if its coming from off screen. The first thing to determine is how the effect drives the story. If gore and horror drive things then a larger amount of blood will be effective and that will influence how the blood is delivered. If the final image of a spray on the actors face is important, then less blood will get the job done and that will necessitate a different device.

The simplest spray effect is to fill a spray bottle with the juice and use it from off screen. This will give a wide splatter on the face with fine droplets. Its also a bit safer for the actor since the fluid is flying at them with little force. You can also take a fresh paint brush and flick the blood Jackson Pollock style.

If its an artery type spurt you can use syringes or aspirators to squeeze the blood in a stream and let it splatter on contact. Here, aiming is important for maximizing the effect on the face and avoiding a direct hit to the eyes or up the nose.

The idea is to start with the simplest delivery method then build up from there if needed.


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