Super-De-Duper Secret Blood Cleanup Instructions

Based on some stories we’ve recently heard about certain people (who will not be identified here so as not to embarrass anyone) trying to clean up after using our products, I feel it necessary (sigh) to write a short article on the topic of cleanup.

Without further ado, here are some super secret pointers for successful cleanup of Gravity & Momentum blood products:

  • Our products are corn syrup based. Corn syrup is very sticky, but water will break it down. The more water you use, the quicker the product will break down.
  • Soap also helps. Very often our products will break down completely with just warm water, but from time to time a bit of soap is necessary, especially when you’ve used lots of blood in a concentrated area.
  • Sticky stuff sticks to hair. I repeat, STICKY STUFF STICKS TO HAIR.
  • If you just put a little bit of water in your hair, on your beard, etc. and then try to pull out globs of product, you will likely pull your hair / beard whiskers out.
  • If there’s lots of our product in your hair or beard, use more water. Try getting in the shower. Try getting in the bathtub. Try some soap. Try some shampoo. The product will break down and it will come out without pulling out your hair if you use your brain (just a tiny, tiny bit) and have some patience.
  • If you happen to get the inside of your pants stuck to your leg with Blood Jam, please use water (and maybe a bit of laundry detergent) to break down the corn syrup BEFORE you try to rip your pants off. Otherwise you will likely give yourself a leg wax.

To recap, our products are sticky and sticky stuffs sticks to hair, but soap and water will break the compound down.

Here endeth the lesson.

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