Making Blood Capsules for use in the Mouth

Dear Greg,

Can Blood Jam be used in capsules for the mouth, or would the syrup better for that? Are both easy to wash out? I’m thinking of the blood jam for packs and capsules, unless you suggest something different. Would love your advice… new territory for me.


Hi Steve,

Blood Jam can be used for capsules in the mouth, I would suggest using a small oral syringe to fill empty caplets (buy online or some Whole Foods stores). With the Jam, heat a small dish for about 7 seconds to thin the blood temporarily and make it easier to use with a syringe, otherwise it will be too thick. Be careful though, it gets hot very quickly!

Blood Syrup can be used for the mouth as well. It will mix with the saliva quicker than the jam and have a runnier quality when spit or dribbled out (the Jam will leave a gross, clot like clump, however, which could be awesome in certain circumstances too). The syrup is good to go for use with a syringe so no heating necessary.

Both products wash out just as easily (see video below) as the other so go with the type that will give the best effect/tell your story the best.

Additional notes:

  • If the actor(s) want to adjust the taste you can add vanilla or some other flavor extract. You won’t need much since the product is almost entirely sugar.
  • If you fill caplets ahead of time, keep them in a dry place so humidity won’t melt the outside and cause them to collapse. I also use sugar as a light desiccant and a mild flavoring for the capsules themselves.
  • Two caplets usually give a nice full mouth effect. Most caplets will break down within 20 seconds. The actor will have to discreetly swish the blood around to get it to mix well. If the effect needs to deploy sooner they can bite down but most caplets are soft and will require additional, discreet swishing (which I am sure is only a thing you hear in theater “discreetly swish the blood in your mouth.”).


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