Using Gravity & Momentum Products with Dry Clean Only Garments

Dear Greg,

We’ve got some costumes that are dry clean only. Will Gravity & Momentum blood products come out during the dry cleaning process?


Hi Rebecca,

We have actually worn suits to different conventions or workshops and had to get them dry cleaned after (always curious what the cleaners think when they see our stuff come in). We have had no trouble with dry cleaning removing the blood from our suits, especially since they use a hot solvent in the cleaning process, which can easily break down our product.

We have also had success spot cleaning with hot water and a rag when needed but this will depend on the fabric. If its more fibrous (wool) then the blood may get tangled in the fibers and need something stronger. It also depends on how long until you can get to the blood. The blood will harden the longer its exposed to the air which will take longer to loosen it up and clean it out. It will still wash out, it will just need a bit more work to get it to release from the fibers.

That has been our personal experience. Of course, we always recommend testing first on small pieces of fabric to ensure success in a no risk environment.


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