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Dan’s Top 5 Uses of Blood in Film

Today I’m listing my own personal top 5 uses of blood in film. Since Gravity & Momentum is a stage blood company, you might expect my choices to all be massive bloodbaths like Carrie and Kill Bill. Not so. In fact, some of my choices use very little blood, but the blood is used in […]

Super-De-Duper Secret Blood Cleanup Instructions

Based on some stories we’ve recently heard about certain people (who will not be identified here so as not to embarrass anyone) trying to clean up after using our products, I feel it necessary (sigh) to write a short article on the topic of cleanup. Without further ado, here are some super secret pointers for […]

Blood Spill at Bottom of Stairs

Stage Blood Murder Mystery!

Imagine getting to the top of your apartment building stairs and seeing this: Uh-oh. Did I just move into a super-shady neighborhood? The blood trail goes all the way down the stairs to the bottom: What the **** is going on here?!?!?!? Hold on a second while I search Google for “moving companies.” I should […]

Creating Blood Spatter in GIMP

Today we bring you a couple of cool ways to create blood spatter effects in image files using GIMP, a free, open source tool for creating and editing images: Method 1 – Using GIMP’s built in tools Here’s a super easy way to use layers, the airbrush tool and alpha-channel correction to create a blood […]

Kill Bill

Kill Bill is an obvious entry in the “bloodiest films of all time” list but it’s, dare we say it, fun blood? This scene has it all. Spectacular, cartoonish fight choreography, beheadings, arms and hands sawed off, a dude cut in half, an eyeball pulled out, Uma Thurman treating a showdown with an army of […]

Raining Blood

Today we begin a new category of blog posts called “Covered in Blood” where we will be featuring some of the bloodiest scenes and moments in entertainment history. Our first feature comes not from a theatrical stage, but a musical stage. At the end of legendary thrash metal band Slayer’s live DVD, Still Reigning, is […]